Network Virtualization

Network virtualization integrates the hardware and software of network resources into a single virtual networks. Enable users to create a programmable logical networks across the physical boundaries, thus supporting large-scale tenants and improving resource utilization

Decoupling network resources and the underlying hardware completely to support end-to-end traffic management and control, providing a standard interface for network applications




Successful Story

Deliver an "outdoor" cloud network service from indoor.

The hybrid cloud solution hosed by China Telecom is aiming at delivering customer top-level cloud products and services. China Telecom Chengdu Branch Company, converged a whole SDN solution into its production environment. Yunshan Networks offered our SDN technologies to enable it delivers cloud network in few minutes without human actions, consolidated its construction and development.

Network Analytics

The explosive growth of east-west traffic and the rapid deployment of business, making data center operations facing unprecedented challenges

Flow-based data capturing and analyzing in real time enables network team see the whole network clearly, and meet the requirements of troubleshooting, operations, performance optimization, metering and billing, and compliance auditing

Multidimensional visualization

Fine-grained control

Continuous evolution

Successful Story

Ping An Cloud, top financial cloud in China

DeepFlow provides visualized cloud network real-time analysis, monitoring and security for Ping An Cloud`s operation and maintenance, makes it as an integrated network service platform. Ping An Cloud will continuously utilize DeepFlow as a tool of enabling network fine-grained control abilities, to build a network big data platform in order to offer a more stable and secure cloud intelligently.

Network Security

An unified end-to-end security solutions is desiderated because centralized risks and expansive interfaces happen in cloud computing and network security becomes a focus of attention

Schedule security resources to provide a continuous and dynamic protection, also identify the issues with traffic behavior analysis and historical backtracking

Flexible resource pool

Fine-grained traffic control and flexible scheduling of virtual network functions.

East - west security

Dynamic threat awareness

Successful Story

The first T4-Level data center in Aisa - SISDC

Yunshan DeepFlow provides an open network software architecture for SISDC. First, eliminate the binding of hardware so they can expand infrastructure with a fully independent control; then, integrate various network resources through SDN to provide multi-tenant with on-demand networking, supporting the deployment of complex and core enterprise-class business.